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                                                       DISCREET - EXPERIENCED - PROFESSIONAL - ARMED

Our Executive/Personal Protection Officers enforce regulations and procedures designed to prevent breaches of security, exercise judgment built on years of experience and training and use discretion in responding to incidents and emergencies. They are required to demonstrate proficiency with firearms and other special weapons, and to meet physical fitness standards. Additional services provided include transportation utilizing vehicles that meet the client's specific requests.

The goal is to make your event “special and memorable”. Event planning should always include an analysis to determine if security is needed: the type, how much, where, uniformed or plain clothes. It is always best to speak with a security expert to determine these answers. If you wish to speak to someone in our office, please feel free to give us a call; our office number is 901-867-2468. We do not charge to discuss your needs over the telephone, however if you determine that security is needed, we would appreciate your considering our company to provide the security.

Our event services include advance work to survey the venue and the event security plan to make sure all possible needs are being considered. Ultimately, the client decides the final details, but his/her decision will be based on the best information available.

Our officers have experience with providing security escorts for tractor trailer shipments that are carrying valuable cargo over long distances. We also provide escort services for packages, domestically and internationally.

Our officers respond to the security needs of a building with the same attitude they provide for any security detail. Our experience includes everything from major warehouse security to individual homes.