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Tennessee - Mississippi - Arkansas

Haney & Associates LLC was incorporated in the State of Tennessee in March 2002. The company was organized to provide investigative and executive protection services to the southeastern states of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas.

The company was founded by J Keith Haney and Glenda Bullock Haney. J Keith Haney retired from the City of Memphis Police Department in August, 1998, after serving 25 years. His rank at the time of retirement was Lieutenant. As a police officer, he worked in various bureaus of the department including, but not limited to Crime Prevention, Auto Theft, Homicide, Organized Crime, Vice and Narcotics. He was a member of federal organized task forces that resulted in numerous arrests and seizures and even received recognition from the State Legislature. As a Sergeant, then as a Lieutenant, he supervised up to approximately 70 officers coordinating daily schedules, assignments and personnel reviews and evaluations.

Glenda Bullock Haney provides the financial and administrative support for the company. She graduated from the University of Memphis in 1988, magna cum laude, with a degree in Business Administration - Accounting. Since 1988 she has worked, and served as a financial and administrative officer, in various industries, including financial, insurance and transportation. In June 2004, she resigned from American General, a subsidiary of American International Group (AIG) as a Vice President to work full time with  Haney and Associates.

Presently, Haney and Associates has 9 investigators and 33 security officers. Haney & Associates LLC employs primarily active duty or retired law enforcement officers. These officers must possess at least 3 years experience and training with their respective departments. In addition, we employ Emergency Medical Technicians, with at least 3 years experience and training.

We provide executive protection services to events and individuals and specialize in higher risk events that require one on one armed security service. Our officers and investigators are licensed and insured. They are required to complete firearms training and adhere to high standards of professionalism, discipline and loyalty. As a result, we experience a very low turnover ratio and still employ officers who started with us from the beginning of the company's existence in 2002.

Our company goal is, not to provide basic guard services on a regular basis, but rather, the elite specialized services required for irregular, short term contracts, which sometimes, come with short notice. Our clients use our services because they want professional, reliable, discreet, interactive service. The majority of our business, both in investigations and security, comes from client referrals. Up to this point, we have not and do not advertise our services. We are also very selective when agreeing to work with a client.

Our History

Mission Statement

" We will hold our prinicipals and employees to a high standard of excellence as it relates to our clients and the services they request.  We will provide our clients the services and protection they deserve through ethical practices, preservation of privacy and confidentiality of documents."