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Background Reports

Asset Searches

We specialize in providing investigations, undercover operations and information gathering discreetly and expeditiously to corporations, law firms and individuals . Our clients often call upon us because they have discovered outsourcing for our services provides a more convenient, efficient and unbiased investigation. In addition, we provide thorough security and background checks and are able to assist clients in reducing the impact of threats and violence in the workplace.

Faced with high-stakes legal challenges, our law firm clients count on us to listen, understand their cases and provide discreet and reliable investigative services.Haney and Associates provides a wide array of services to our Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation law firms including: 

-Interviewing Witnesses 
-Notarized Witness Statements
-Affidavit Preparation -Surveillance 
-Crime Scene Drawings 
-Process Service
-DNA Testing
-Skip tracing/locating individuals

We have experience in the following types of cases:                               

-Medical malpractice (nursing home and hospital abuse, etc)
-Worker Compensation fraud
-Other Fraud (fraudulent disability claims, mortgage fraud, etc.)
-Intellectual Property (sale of counterfeits, misuse of trademarks, etc.)
-Embezzlement , misuse of company funds, etcf.

-Undercover Purchases
-Assisting Law Enforcement
-Expert Testimony 
-Affidavit Preparation 
-Cease & Desist Requests

Our team has a proven track record of locating individuals who may be clients, defendants, witnessess, missing heirs or debtors. 

Background reports can include criminal history reports, civil history reports, credit reports, past addresses, employment verification, etc.  Please see our pricing list for all the services we provide.

Asset searches can be needed for many reasons, but the the reason used most often is when a judgement has been awarded.  Once a case has been adjudicated and the court has issued a judgement in favor of the plaintiff, then the plaintiff needs to know if the defendant has any assets to attach.  Our basic asset search includes real property, personal property (vehicles, etc.) and UCC filings. 

Intellectual Property

Surveillance can be needed for a variety of reasons: medical fraud, worker compensation fraud, to prevent crimes, spousal cheating. Surveillance can become quite expensive, however. Rarely do we consider having one investigator do surveillance, especially if the surveillance involves following someone while driving. If you are considering surveillance, please remember that the person you want followed will not always follow a perfect pattern. For example, if we are instructed by our client to sit and watch a residence waiting for the subject to leave the residence and he/she does not, the client still has to pay for the time spent watching the residence.

A company's intellectual property is very valuable. We work closely with law firms and law enforcement to investigate IP cases. Success in prosecuting them is key to keeping the doors open for new and exciting products that can be enjoyed by generations to come. Specializing in trademark infringement, we represent over 40 well known trademarks/designers. Our services include:

If you are a member of law enforcement and interesting in learning more about IP crimes, please contact us. We may be able to arrange a training class for your department.

Process Service 

We provide process service for any court document in the surrounding area. We are also licensed through General Sessions-Shelby County. We cost a little more but we deliver more. Our success ratio is very high because we do the extra that is sometimes needed to locate the subject. If you are tired of the NTBF returns on your documents, give us a call.